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Best results with modern medical technology

Our greatest goal is the largely complete preservation of the function of the feets and legs. We achieve this by using a wide variety of modern techniques and their professional application by our trained team.

Starting with the correct use of various disinfectants up to the targeted use of a wide variety of wound dressings - our practice offers you a wide range of competent wound surgical treatments. Every wound is different and therefore requires an individual treatment. Creativity combined with a profound knowledge of the different phases of wound healing are required for a positively progressive healing process.

The principle that Dr. J. C. Széles has been following for several years is based on years of clinical experience in vascular surgery, as well as from a former special outpatient clinic in the General Hospital of Vienna, which he headed for 10 years. He dealt with the diabetic foot syndrome, with ulcerations due to peripheral arterial disease and with leg and foot ulcers due to venous insufficiency. His special wound surgical treatment together with the repetitive debridement and the removal of the hyperkeratosis at the edges led in most cases to the closure of wounds - and thus to the maintenance of the full function of the legs and feets.

The use of cold atmospheric plasma using kINPen® MED - a cold plasma jet that promotes wound healing combined with an antibacterial effect - together with approved wound dressing techniques (including Mepilex Ag, Cutimed Sorbact, Aquacel Ag) lead to the closure of your wounds.

We have the option of obtaining autologous fibrin (PRF) and platelet rich plasma (PRP). These two substances, obtained from the patient's own blood, are applied to the wounds so that the wounds occlude more quickly.

Recently, we have been using a placental cell transplant on the wounds (called AMNIODERM®) to allow faster closure of your wounds.

Dr J.C. Széles is the inventor of Auristim®, a method of auricular vagus nerve stimulation. The auricular vagus nerve stimulation is now a current topic in science and publications in this area are constantly being published, both by him and his cooperation partners.

The Vagus Nerve is the largest nerve in the human body and is therefore responsible for a wide variety of tasks. With a focus on wound treatment, the AuriStim leads to an increased blood flow in the peripheral vessels so that the wound is supplied with sufficient blood. This brings coagulation - and growth factors to the wound and promotes wound healing.